Operating Partners

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Marcel Bernard

Senior Operating Partner


  • Corporate VP, Operations, Geac Computer Corporation, Markham, ON, Canada
  • Senior VP, St. Lawrence Cement, Inc., Mount-Royal, Québec Canada
  • President and CEO, SaskTel (Saskatchewan Telecommunications), Regina, SK, Canada
  • President, Motorola Canada, Inc., Markham, ON, Canada


  • Activant Solultions, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Datatel, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Vision Solutions, Inc. (Former Chairman of the Board)
  • Acresso Software, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Entrust, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Manatron, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Hyland Software, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • LANDesk Software, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • SonicWall (Former Board Member)
  • Telestream, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Empirix, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Global Healthcare Exchange, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • TravelClick, Inc. (Former Chairman of the Board)
  • Sparta Systems, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • SailPoint Technologies, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Compuware Corporation (Chairman of the Board)
  • Dynatrace (Chairman of the Board)
  • Riverbed Technology, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Qlik Technologies, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Imprivata, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • SolarWinds Holdings, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Planview, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Kofax Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Frontline Technologies Group, LLC  (Chairman of the Board)
  • ABC Financial Services, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)
  • Barracuda Networks, Inc. (Chairman of the Board)