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Seth Boro

Managing Partner


  • MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Queen’s University School of Business


  • Summit Partners, Palo Alto, CA
  • ServiceSource, San Francisco, CA
  • Credit Suisse, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • First Marathon Securities (National Bank Financial), Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Hyland Software (Board Member)
  • Consona Corporation
  • Vision Solutions (Former Board Member)
  • Flexera Software, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Entrust, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • SonicWALL, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • LANDesk Software, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Tripwire, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Network Instruments, LLC (Former Board Member)
  • InfoVista, S.A. (Former Board Member)
  • Crossbeam Systems, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Mediware Systems, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Keynote Systems, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • Empirix, Inc. (Board Member)
  • Global Healthcare Exchange, Inc. (Former Board Member)
  • SailPoint Technologies, Inc. (Board Member)
  • Compuware Corporation (Board Member)
  • Dynatrace (Board Member)
  • Riverbed Technology, Inc. (Board Member)
  • DigiCert, Inc. (Board Member)
  • SolarWinds, Inc. (Board Member)
  • Qlik Technologies, Inc. (Board Member)
  • McAfee LLC (Board Member)
  • Kofax Inc. (Board Member)
  • Barracuda Networks, Inc. (Board Member)
  • LogRhythm, Inc. (Board Member)
  • Veracode (Board Member)